About the Prayer Orchard
Have you ever been praying for someone and wondered if your prayer had been answered?  Maybe even how it had been answered?  Or you sit down to pray and can't remember the requests?  You may even be a member of a prayer chain and as requests come through, you pray, continue to pray and never hear any more.

Our goal is to bring people closer to God through prayer by helping maintain a diary, demonstrating that God answers prayer according to His will, seeing His goodness when He answers prayer, seeing the ways in which He answers prayer, and giving thanks when He answers.

The Prayer Orchard is a platform designed to connect you with others who need prayer, allow others to pray for you, and to keep up-to-date with prayer requests.    Whether you are a large organisation, a church, a small group, or if you're just looking to keep a personal prayer diary, the Prayer Orchard provides you a platform to connect with one another and pray for one another.

Why call it the Prayer Orchard?   We are all workers in God's orchard where we can plant and care for trees.   Each tree represents a worker's personal life, an organisation, a group within an organisation, a church, or whatever it may be.   A worker can plant a tree and ask other workers to help take care of it through prayer.   With care, that tree will begin to flourish and bear fruit, bringing glory God.