For the Non-Believer
In a nutshell, prayer is talking to God.  We voice our requests to God, either individually or in groups.  He responds by answering, primarily through his Word, the Bible, or through others.

There’s really only one question that applies to the non-believer: Will God hear my prayer?

For the Believer
The following is taken from What the Bible Teaches, Updated Edition by R. A. Torrey and published by Whitaker House.   If you can get a hold of a copy of the book, you'll be able to dig deeper into these points along with many other Bible-based truths R. A. Torrey mentions.   We hope the below list of points (propostions as stated in the book) may give you some direction on how to make your prayers more effective.   It is a long and thorough list that is well worth taking the time to read and study.